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What is Sensory Storytime?

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Sensory Storytime is a baby / toddler group where stories come to life. You and your child will be immersed in a world of imagination, interactive story telling and games that will inspire communication. 

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Where and When 

Booking required

*If your child is between the recommended age range or you think they may be behind with their communication development then please contact me for advice on the best group for her/him.

How much does it cost?
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  • £6 per week (when booking less than 6 sessions)

  • Siblings who are not joining in are FREE, siblings who want to join in are half price. Contact me for a discount code.

  • 66% off for second twin, please contact me for a discount code.

Preschool Graduation Ceremony

What are the benefits?

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Sensory Storytime is research based and support the core aspects of speech and language development.

 Studies show that adult - child play and sharing books:

  • Promotes bonding

  • Develops your child's attention skills

  • Develops children's vocabulary and therefore later academic performance

  • Develops sentences

  • Develops pre-literacy skills (reading and writing)

"We attended one of Hannah's (Sensory Storytime) sessions and it was great. It was really well resourced and lots of fun. We didn't just learn a story, we were immersed in it! It's good to know there is a friendly group out there so beneficial to his early development and communication skills. " - Daniel's Mum 
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