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Are you worried about your child’s speech, language or social communication?

We can help!

Find Your Voice can provide personalised support for your child and will ensure all adults supporting them are confident in carrying at recommendations.

Who can we help? 

We can support children with a range of difficulties 



Attention and Listening






Speech sounds/






Talking / 

Expressive language



(younger children)




Where will we see you?  

We are based in East Leeds, however, we travel to you for appointments. Initially, we prefer to see you and your child at home. This is to ensure we can really understand your concerns. 

Following initial assessment, discussion about what we can offer and how you would like to proceed, we can provide therapy either at home or in your child's education setting. 

How much does it cost?

 £150 for initial assessment and a detailed report

 It is often beneficial to assess a child over more than one session.

Extra assessment sessions are charged at the same rate as therapy appointments.

£68 per therapy appointment

Travel within Garforth is included

Most resources provided for therapy are included

What to expect

You can contact us via the website, email

or phone to arrange an assessment of your child's speech, language and communication skills.  

A phone call allows you to explain your concerns and allows us ask you for more details. We can then make a joint decision as to whether we can offer what you are looking for. This can lead to us taking full details and accepting your referral. 

An initial assessment will last up to 90 minutes. Depending on the conversation we have already had, we may need to have an in depth discussion about your concerns and take some personal details. 

Assessment of your child's speech, language and communication skills will then be completed. This may involve playing and /or asking them to follow instructions and answer questions relating to pictures. 

At the end of the appointment we will discuss the results with you and advise whether therapy will be offered. We will provide a written report to confirm what we have discussed and you can decide if you would like to go forward with therapy.

Therapy appointments are up to an hour. Therapy targets will be agreed and activities provided and demonstrated to develop these skills. The frequency of appointments and how long they will be provided for depends on your child's needs. 


"When I look back at how he was when we first got in contact with you I can really see improvements. I hope it continues! We will be in touch soon. Thank you for thinking of us. We really appreciate your support! "

Alfie's mum

Please contact us if you would like an informal discussion about how we can support your child. 

would be happy to talk to you over the phone for a free consultation and consider your child’s needs.

You can also find out how your child is getting on at

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