Our vision is that all children will achieve their potential by developing effective communication

All children will get the best start in their development

This is story time with a difference; props and messy play bring the story to life. These baby / toddler groups are for anyone wanting to boost their child's communication development. 

Speech, language and communication skills are central to learning and well being in the early years and to improving life chances in adulthood, in society and the workplace. Supporting the development of communication skills is vital to supporting society.  
Find Your Voice strives to build and strengthen effective communication skills for all children and empower adults to support children's communication development.  For those children who are finding it hard to develop communication skills we offer specialised and child-centered support at home and in school. Our baby and toddler groups are for a wider audience, they can be accessed by anyone wanting to enhance their child's communication development.
The important adults in children's lives are always included and empowered by supporting their children. 

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